Dear CLB partners,

I hope all are having a warm times with your partners, families and loved ones.

We would like to remind you that the Project 2 will be ending this month. 




We are also launching Project 14.

  • Fund raising : $10,000​

  • Rate: 1% / month

  • Terms: 6 months

*We would like to inform that this Project 14 will be priority for the Project 2 participants.

Please send an email with the form below depending whether you will extend it to Project 14 or end the Project and ask for a withdraw with the CLB invested.

  • Form to apply for PROJECT 14



I would like to extend my investment.

Dear Support

I would like to extend my Project 2 for Project 14.

1. My email :

2. My name : Mark Davis

3. Investing Project : 14

Thank you.



I would like to end the contract for Project 2.

Dear Support


I would like to end the contract.

1. My email :

2. My name : Mark Davis

3. My available wallet address:

4.Amount: $

5. Quantity of CLBcoins: xxxxx CLBcoin


Thank you.



I would like to apply for Project 14.

Dear Support


I would ike to apply for Project 14.

1. My email :

2. My name : Mark Davis

3. Investing Project : 14

4. I will send from this wallet address :

5.Amount : xxxxx CLBcoin


Thank you.

Please send your request to


Thank you
CLB managements


CLB Concept

음성 기능은 200자로 제한됨
옵션 : 역사 : 피드백 : Donate 닫기
100% Loan & 
smart contract
1st blockchain
shopping mall
음성 기능은 200자로 제한됨
옵션 : 역사 : 피드백 : Donate 닫기


음성 기능은 200자로 제한됨
옵션 : 역사 : 피드백 : Donate 닫기

There are tons and tons of new cryptocurrency coming out.


Some were successful with investing in certain coins, however, it is more and more difficult to distinguish from real to not.

This is how we came up with this concept to protect our investors from getting hi risk of losing their funds.

Great system to put value in our CLBcoin.

Our vision is for you to 

Be your own bank

Using the technology of the smart contract, convertible bonds, and cryptocurrency.

Why CLB is unique

Offering multiple services on multiple levels - that is why we are unique.


  • For our investors we provide the following options to choose from:


1. Convertible Bond (CB)


  • for a fixed period of one to three years money invested is held

  • when the coin price goes up, you get coins

  • if the coin price drops, you will receive the principal back


2. Cancel your contract anytime

3. Loan services


  • 100% of the capital of CB contract  


4. CLB Shop


  • Our CLB Shop is not a shopping mall but social e- commerce targeting B2B and B2C, where you will be able to use your coins at CLB Shop,  available anytime and with only a few wallet limits.


5. Company payback on all paid fees, in CLB Coin


We have no doubt with our coin's future.


Look and see for yourself~





1. Mining Method : Waves

WAVES is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations. National currencies transfer is maintained on the WAVES blockchain through compliant gateway operators. Decentralized token exchange facilitates fundraising, crowdfunding, and trading of financial instruments on the blockchain.

Lightweight clients provide an easy installation procedure and a flat learning curve for end users.

Trade quickly and securely

All transactions happen on the blockchain, and only the order list is held on the centralised matcher.

This allows us to take full advantage of both centralised and decentralised technologies. In addition, implementing the latest developments has allowed us to increase network capacity to hundreds of transactions per second.

2. Coin amount :

10 billions


3. Smart Contract 

  •  Loan conditions will be in Smart contract. 


4. P2P lending

  •  Investor can be the lender of the borrower (select who to lend)

5. 1st Blockchain Shopping mall

  •  It will be Blockchain driven shopping mall.


CLB CB Package

© 2018 

Coinloanbank Proudly created 

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