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CLBcoin will be

airdropped as following:

[Condition for CLBcoin Airdrop]

- CLBcoin holder at the moment of the snapshot
- Has no tranfer history to wallets other than shopwallets.

- 1 CLB airdrop per 1 CLB
- None given down to decimal digits

[Snapshot Date]

2018.12.15(Sat) 0:00 (UTC +3 )

[Airdrop Date]

2019. 03.01(Fri) 0:00 (UTC +3 )

Airdrop will be proceeded according to the schedule.

Balance will be shown in Trading History and Asset Status.

Happy Airdrop~
Thank you!

Airdrop Festival

Airdrop Festival


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, enjoy this event right now! 

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